Atlas Dancer $ 168

Length: 121 cm

Width: 24 cm
Wheelbase: 82 cm
Tail: 13 cm
Concave: 0.9 см- 0.3 cm
Shape: Twin-tip 
Construction: bamboo, birch
Deck Weight: 2.1 kg

Flex: -Medium / up to 75 kg

Surfgreen! Specially for you we designed this affordable version of the classic dancer solid and stylish. We removed all the unnecessary to achieve the perfect combination of birch and bamboo while reducing the cost to a minimum. The most beautiful waves that turn into a tube, the coolness of the ocean and its power are shrouded and blessed the Surfgreen Atlas Dancer and it's here so that each of you has a chance to plunge into the wonderful world of surfing on the asphalt!